Cam and Groove couplings are frequently referred to as Cam-Lock fittings. These can be utilized for a wide selection of applications that require quite easily connecting and disconnecting fittings to a pipe or hose. SME lives up to its good fame in the domestic oil , petro-chemical and electricity industries also with many long-standing associations with Prominent Names in the world , which include SinoPec, HuaYi, BP, SPC, BASF, Bayer, TCI, 3M.

SME makes use of a wide selection of materials for its cam and groove couplings. The material selection is dependent on the intended application. Standard materials used for camlock couplings are Aluminum, Hard Coat Aluminum, Brass, Stainless Steel, Ductile Iron, Carbon Steel, Polypropylene, Food Grade Polypropylene and Nylon. Brass cam and groove fittings are forged for to 3 and sand cast for all other sizes.

Aluminum Cam and groove Fittings are durable mold cast which yields castings with better strength properties and a finer grain structure than those produced in die casting and sand casting. Polypropylene Cam and groove fitting is designed from acid resistant 20% glass reinforced Polypropylene. Maximum temperature for Polypropylene is 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cam and groove couplings are typically connected to hoses , pipes , tanks , tubing that convey , vapors , powders and liquids including pellets , cooling water , food products , pharmaceuticals , fuels , dyes , chemicals , adhesives , cosmetics etc . Cam & Groove Couplings is generally connected simply by sliding the adapter into the coupler and then with normal hand pressure, press the cam arms down.

The TW or Tank Wagen coupling is a non- symmetrical system with a lever to prevent unlocking caused due to vibrations and is for that reason, very widely used in the petrochemical market segment. The tightness of the coupling is guaranteed with a preformed elastomer seal between the male and the female end.