Next use a 3 way buffer to perfectly finish the look of the nails. Clear out any uneven surfaces, ridges for a shiny smooth finish. The black of the buffer is used for shine, the gray for finishing and the white for the semi shine. So your order should be black, white and gray.

Now it is time to soak the nails in the nail cleaning solution. Apply some cuticle oil, lubricant before soaking. This will soften the cuticles and will easily allow you to push the excess cuticle away. You can use hot oil if your client has very dry nails.

The nails are now soft enough for Oil Seal. Push back excess cuticle on the nail plate taking care not to disturb the seal between the proximal fold and the nail plate. Do not use excessive force.

Use a cuticle clipper to remove excess skin which did not come off with the cuticle pusher. Be careful taking care only to cut away the dead skin. Also use the orangewood stick to clean below the nails.

Your nails are now ready for enhancement treatments. But should you wish to exfoliate the hands and nails, apply exfoliating cream and gently massage on hands. Wipe off with a clean towel. Follow with the application of a moisturizer or a paraffin wax treatment for very dry hands.