Reduce humidity in the house to less than 50 percent by using dehumidifiers or central air conditioners. If you don't have central air, a window air conditioner unit is preferable to a window fan, which can pull pollen into the house. Use a dehumidifier in the basement to reduce mold exposure. Avoid belt type humidifiers because bacteria and fungi thrive on the damp belts.

Gasket Seal with hot water and soap on a weekly basis to reduce dust mites and remove pieces and feces of cockroaches, which are potent allergens.Vacuum when your child is out of the house to avoid dust inhalation.

Never leave food out. Keep food and garbage in closed containers.Seal garbage and take it out at the end of the day to reduce cockroaches and rodents.Place roach and mice bait in childproof containers and out of the reach of your child. If a spray is used to kill roaches, she should stay out of the room until the odor goes away.

Select vinyl or leather coverings the next time you buy upholstered furniture. It isn't necessary to throw out a cloth-covered stuffed sofa, but you might buy an inexpensive vinyl covered beanbag chair for your child to sit in while watching TV. That way, she'll be less exposed to dust than if she snuggles into a sofa pillow.

Install ventilators (exhaust fans) for appliances like stoves when possible.Keep your heating system and its filters well maintained.Use nonallergenic cleaning products (ammonia, baking soda,beeswax, lemon oil, mineral oil, paste wax, nonchlorine bleaches, white or apple cider vinegar mixed with water).Avoid scented and deodorant soaps. Choose mild soaps instead.